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  • Braising

    Whole Brisket | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Cut from the lower chest of the animal, our Whole Brisket combines the best of both the 1st and 2nd cuts, offering a complete brisket experience. Comprising 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus genetics, this cut provides a balanced profile of marbling and meatiness. Best suited for slow-roasting or smoking, the whole brisket is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive, full-flavored beef experience.

  • Kosher F1 Wagyu Beef

    Top of the rib lifter meat (Fully Trimmed) | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Dive into the exquisite world of the top of rib lifter, a cut that redefines expectations and stands as a stellar alternative to traditional brisket. Sourced meticulously from the rib area, this lean yet remarkably flavorful option is a testament to culinary versatility and elegance.

  • Grilling

    Hanger Steak | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    For beefy flavor, there’s nothing like a Wagyu hanger steak. You should cook it medium/medium-rare to get the most out of the meat.

  • Braising

    Chuck Short Rib (Squares) | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Chuck Short Ribs are one of our favorite cuts of meat, these ribs are loved for their richness and tenderness. These Short Ribs are the continuation of the Denver steak or French Roast over the Chuck rib bones. These are great when cooked low and slow on a smoker, grill or oven.

  • Kosher Fullblood Wagyu Beef

    Beef belly | Kosher | 100% Fullblood American Wagyu Beef

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    Beef belly, also called the navel, is a fatty cut with a lot of marbling. This cut is wonderful for smoking or curing, and it is a little fattier than traditional brisket.

  • Grilling

    Cowboy Ribeye | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Harvested from the rib section, our Cowboy Ribeye features a balance of marbling and meatiness, thanks to its 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus genetics. Ideal for grilling or oven-roasting, this cut provides a luxurious yet balanced steak experience.

  • Braising

    Chuck Eye Roast | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Chuck Eye Roast is a large cut from the Chuck Primal. It yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. this cut is the continuation of the Ribeye muscle to the neck chain. This cut is great for slow-cooking, braising, or even smoking. Also this roast can be cut into steaks and cooked on a grill or broiled on high heat til medium rare, cut thinly and serve.

  • Gift Card

    Holy Wagyu Gift Card

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  • Braising

    2nd Cut Brisket | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Our 2nd Cut Brisket comes from the fatty end of the brisket, located near the belly of the animal. It’s a part of our F1 American Wagyu Beef collection, blending 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus genetics for a perfect balance of flavor and tenderness. This cut is particularly well-suited for slow-cooking methods, allowing the marbling to render and create a rich, juicy result. A popular choice for stews and braised dishes, its higher fat content ensures the meat stays moist throughout cooking.

  • Kosher F1 Wagyu Beef

    Dino Ribs (Plate Short Ribs) | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Sourced from the plate section near the belly, Dino Ribs are large, meaty, and packed with flavor. Comprising 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus genetics, these ribs promise a tender and juicy eating experience. The cut is ideal for slow-roasting or smoking, allowing the connective tissues to break down and the meat to absorb a variety of flavors.

  • Braising

    1st Cut Brisket | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef

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    Harvested from the leaner, flat portion of the brisket near the front of the chest, our 1st Cut Brisket features less marbling than the 2nd cut but still benefits from the 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus genetic composition. It excels in dishes where a leaner texture is desired, such as slicing for sandwiches or leaner roast preparations. While it can be braised or slow-cooked, it also lends itself well to grilling or broiling for those who prefer a less fatty cut.

  • Bundles

    F1 Wagyu BBQ Butcher’s Box

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    Elevate your barbecue experience with our F1 Wagyu BBQ Butcher’s Box, curated specifically for grilling enthusiasts. This handpicked selection showcases the extraordinary quality of F1 American Wagyu Beef, promising a transcendent grilling affair that will be the talk of the season.

    What’s Included:

    • 2 packs of Boneless Ribeye | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef: Sourced from the rib section, these Boneless Ribeyes promise a steak experience of deep, beefy flavors enriched by luxurious marbling. Each ribeye promises tenderness and juiciness, ready for a hot grill or cast-iron skillet.
    • 5 packs of Steakburgers (Two – 8oz. patties) | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef: Perfect for casual gatherings, these Steakburgers offer a flavorful, juicy patty that’s sure to impress. Simply grill to your preferred doneness and relish the rich, mouthwatering taste.
    • 2 packs of Korean Short Ribs | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef: Cut across the bone for maximum flavor absorption, these Korean Short Ribs are a BBQ staple. The marbling enriches each bite, making them ideal for your next Korean BBQ feast.
    • 1 pack of Denver Steak | Kosher | F1 American Wagyu Beef: Hailing from the front shoulder of the cow, the Denver Steak offers a unique blend of tenderness and flavor. Its versatility makes it a great choice for grilling or searing, providing a satisfying, meaty bite.
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